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March 2021: CSTS Web Edition - Phase 2 is Released

On March 5, 2021, STI posted the production-ready version of the new CSTS Web Edition – Phase 2 software, along with a new version of the corresponding Client/Server version of CSTS. The completion of this project is a significant milestone for the MnCCC Corrections User Group.

The CSTS Web Edition – Phase 2 software, built on the new web-based platform created in the CSTS Web Edition - Phase 1 project, can now be deployed at all CSTS agencies. The new CSTS Web Edition includes all of the typical supervisor and agent functions, many new enhancements, and new functionality in the MNPAT and Violation areas.

Depending on each agency’s preference, the Client/Server version maybe installed in the production environment first with the Web Edition deployed at a later date, or the applications can be deployed simultaneously.

The posted release packet contains all of the software, a 132+ page release notes document that details all of the software’s new functionality, and complete installation and upgrade instructions. Several users guides and training resources have also been posted on STI’s web site,, with more items being added weekly.