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Client Contact Manager (CCM)

Strategic Technologies Inc. is pleased to offer a software product designed specifically for case managers and social workers. Client Contact Manager (CCM) is a web based framework that allows workers to take advantage of the enormous power and user friendliness of internet technology. CCM provides a tool that makes workers more efficient, organized, and reduces administrative time. Ultimately, this means case managers and social workers spend more time with clients working on important issues.  Strategic Technologies will take this framework and tailor it to fit your requirements.

CCM Framework Features:

  • Designed for case management activities.
  • Ability to create new case types - to accommodate local needs.
  • User friendly graphical interface.
  • Complete client and case database including tracking of client demographics, multiple addresses, phone number, interested persons, insurance related information, doctors and clinics, case status information, mental and physical information, etc...
  • Task reminder system.
  • Case management client index - provides complete case coverage.
  • Provider and placement tracking.
  • Powerful word processing capabilities for case documentation.
  • "Alerts" feature for indicating warning issue on clients.
  • Time reporting - both direct and indirect time.
  • Ability to track contacts and time for clients of other case managers.
  • Contact notification system.
  • Powerful standard reports.
  • Extensive security system.
  • Integration into Microsoft® Word and Excel.

CCM's Major Work Areas:

CCM is focused on a case manager’s activities. The following is a brief summary of CCM's major functional areas:

  • Client/Case Database - CCM stores all important client and case information. This database includes such information as client and family demographics, as well as tracking guardians, health plans, medical assistance, diagnoses information, etc...
  • Contact Log - The contact log allows workers to generate an unlimited number of contact entries. Case managers utilize an easy to use full-featured word processor to type their contacts. These contacts are stored by date and can be accessed or printed for any date range.
  • Time Reporting - Social workers can record time-related information. For Minnesota clients, the required CSIS fields are available. However, CCM can be customized to meet any time reporting system. Our clients say our time reporting features make it easier to do time reporting and therefore improves the accuracy and timeliness of the information. Counties have also discovered that their reimbursement for certain cases (such as waivered cases) increased substantially. CCM has the capability to record 100% of case managers’ time - both direct and indirect.
  • Task Reminder System - This feature is designed to assist workers in the scheduling of their day to day activities. Appointments, meetings, tasks, etc... can be entered; users can then generate reports by any date range. This feature also serves as a case activity history.
  • Basic Provider and Placement Information - This feature tracks the treatment, provider, and placement information which clients receive. Provider contacts' names and phone numbers are also particularly useful and available with quick access.
  • Document Management System - In order to make client correspondence easy and more efficient, many fields in CCM are available for mail merge into Microsoft Word™ and Corel WordPerfect™ word processing. Forms can be setup with CCM field names imbedded in your organization’s forms. Documents are also linked to each specific case. This provides document organization and save users time.

Installation and Training:

Upon purchase of CCM, Strategic Technologies will customize the software to suit your business needs.  Consultants can also provide on-site installation and training. This training schedule is tailored to each of our clients. We also suggest workers have basic computer skills and Windows™ training. A data supervisor(s) should be appointed to maintain codes and user accounts within CCM as well as perform required tasks to interface with other information systems.

Interfaces With CSIS or Other Information Systems:

In Minnesota, Strategic Technologies has worked with the Department of Human Services (DHS) to develop an interface in order to electronically transfer time reporting information to the Community Services Information System (CSIS). If your organization uses a proprietary mini-computer or mainframe software system, STI can develop a specific interface to your system.

CCM Site License Fees:

Site license fees for CCM include the CCM software and software documentation. Contact Strategic Technologies for pricing details.

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If You Would Like More Information...

If you are interested in learning more, or for an online demonstration, please contact us to request more information.