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Strategic Technologies Services

Custom Software Design and Development Custom Software Design and Development:

Strategic Technologies provides high-quality custom software development, consulting and application support services.  Strategic Technologies’ commitment to quality and technical innovation has gained the company a reputation of outstanding performance at reasonable fees.

Our consultants and developers will provide software solutions custom designed for your organization.  Our software development process emphasizes client involvement and review along with our advanced programming techniques and database technology.  Strategic Technologies currently provides development services utilizing the following technologies:

  • VB.NET
  • C#.NET
  • jQuery
  • HTML5
  • Microsoft® SQL Server
  • JavaScript
  • Web Services
  • SSIS Packages
  • Microsoft® Office
  • COM

Our typical custom software development project follows the following methodology:

  • Solutions Perform a Functional Assessment:
    Our consultants work with our clients to establish the software’s functionality including its interface, database properties, security, reporting requirements, and business rules.  A preliminary project cost estimate is also provided.
  • Software Design and Prototyping:
    Based on the functional assessment, additional design will be performed and the software’s main screens will be programmed resulting in a prototype.  This allows our clients to get a sense of their new software and exactly how it will perform.  Users can use and navigate through the software and simulate a production environment.  This process takes a design on paper and brings the software to life.  It allows clients to be confident in the solution they want before further financial investment.
  • Development and QA:
    Strategic Technologies talented development staff will program the software.  The software will be tested by a certified testing professional, and an online help system will be developed.  If our clients desire, they can be included in the alpha and beta testing process.
  • Deployment:
    The software will be installed by Strategic Technologies staff or by a client’s IT department, depending on the client’s preference.  A training plan will be developed specific to the needs of our client.  Options include training at Strategic Technologies’ office, the client’s site, or at a regional training facility.
  • Ongoing Support and Enhancements:
    Strategic Technologies technical and help desk personnel will provide complete software support.  This support ensures the software is upgraded to be compatible in an ever-changing technological environment and that end users get the assistance they need to take full advantage of the software.

If you are interested in discussing your software project, please contact us